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The Executive Chef


Stan is a graduate of the prestigious CIA (Cooking in America) school and has overseas experience at the finest dining establishments in Hong Kong and Sydney. Prepare to be extremely satisfied with his artistic cuisine creations.

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Phone: +1 650-999-0000
Address: 1 Ocean Parkway
Long Beach, CA 90804

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Dining Room

The dining room by nature is simple space. Unlike a kitchen or living room, which often has multiple purposes.

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[wpc_menu_heading heading=”New Year 2015” extract_border=”default”][wpc_menu title=”FOIE GRAS BALLOTINE” desc=”Grilled Celery Blue Mountain” price=”$36″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left” label=”Popular”][wpc_menu title=”SWEETBREAD AND PORCINI CANNELLONI” desc=” Alba White Truffle, Robiolo Emulsion” price=”$22″ menu_image=”1182″ menu_image_position=”small_left”][wpc_menu title=”JADE TIGER ABALONE” desc=” Fingerling Potatoes, Ossetra Caviar” price=”$10″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left”]
[wpc_menu_heading heading=”Special For Party” extract_border=”default”][wpc_menu title=”MAINE LOBSTER SALAD” desc=” Hawaïan Hearts of Palm, Romaine Lettuce” price=”$22″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left”][wpc_menu title=”CRISPY SCOTTISH LANGOUSTINES” desc=”Glazed Sunchoke, Parsley Salad” price=”$10″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left”][wpc_menu title=”CHILLED SHIGOKU OYSTERS” desc=”Fennel Mousseline, Sea Urchin, Finger Lime” price=”$10″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left” label=”Chef Selection”]
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